Books Read in April 2014

Resource Revolution by Stefan Heck and Matt Rogers

This was impressive, somewhat along the same lines of Abundance, but more focused on the base energy and material building blocks and how new technologies that enable us to keep developing the future will also cause a lot of change.

Ink Mage by Victor Gischler

I really enjoyed this fantasy novel as it wove back and forth between a handful of primary characters. The tattoo magic gave it just enough of a twist to not feel like a standard setting. I'm disappointed there's not a sequel yet.

Queen Mab by Kate Danley

This retelling of Romeo and Juliet was very satisfying, and there was actually a valid reason for the expected conversion to a happy ending. It was the focus on Mab and Mercutio that brought heart to the story.

The Empire Striketh Back by Ian Doescher

Episode 5 in iambic pentameter. Still enjoying this and waiting for The Jedi Doth Return.

Brick Shakespeare: The Tragedies

Abridged Shakespeare illustrated with Lego minifigures amuses me. I'd never read any of Julius Caesar before - and I can't say I ever feel like reading the full play.

One Dot, Two Dots, Get Some New Dots by David Silverstein

Very short little book focused on the idea of getting pieces of information and thoughts in common and uncommon places to have the fodder for discovering new insights.

Be the Cat by Blaine Parker and Honey Parker

Another short little book mapping the idea of a "brand" to the idea of a "cat", and especially to the Great Cat, and what you can learn about marketing as a result.

That's Not What I Meant by Deborah Tannen

Descriptive of differences in typical conversation styles between men and women, although I wished that the suggestions of things to do to bridge those differences had taken up more than one short chapter at the end.

But I Don't See You as Asian by Bruce Reyes-Chow

Real-life stories of how events can be influenced by race, ethnicity, or skin color for the purpose of thinking about these "hard things". It was a good viewpoint enhancer, easy to read with interesting stories, and I did think.