Family Project - Massive Chuggington Train Track Layout

Our family project this morning was to build a massive train layout of the Chuggington die-cast track. What you see before you is a combination of 7 or 8 of the Chuggington train sets, mostly bought on clearance in February, although a few were full-price Christmas presents.

My father-in-law and I did most of the building. My husband contributed some ideas and sorted out some of the older style of track, although we never did get to that part. And my five-year-old daughter played around us and through us and top of us while we were building.

It was a very organic process and the best part was at the end when we were figuring out how to connect some of various structures and finding cool ways to do that. We'll probably leave the track out through next weekend before we break it down.

The new "stack your track" die-cast track is great. I love the connectors - they're so much easier to work with than the old ones - and the curves and angles really work to make building unusual combinations natural and effective. The only thing I wished for was a stack of partial length pieces for when using track splits threw off the patterns.

I was curious, so I visited the website. Apparently the line was designed by Jason Moreno. There's comments by him in a "Meet the Designer" section and I also found Jason's own website