Books Read in February 2013

I didn't read many books this month. It's not that I didn't read, but I didn't read books, mostly random short stories and such.

Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Yay! I got to read a pre-release copy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Decisive has the clear organization and helpful stories that characterized Made to Stick and Switch. I really need to read it again with an eye towards actually using the information.

The King's Sword by AJ Searle

A well done fantasy novel with the believable growth of a man to a leader worth following. I hope the author keeps writing in the genre.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein

After seeing the movie I just had to read the book again. It had been a long time. The Hobbit had never really made much of an impression on me so it was fascinating to read with the echoes of rich imagery and characterization from the movie-verse still lingering. Because in and of itself it was a simple tale without much detail.

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkein

Well, after re-reading The Hobbit, what else I supposed to do? It's been years since I've seen these movies but they are still vivid enough in my head that things clash a bit. But I can still hear the story that first enthralled me as a teen. And I'm enjoying it again.

Managing Product Management by Steven Haines

I loved the Product Manager's Desk Reference and wanted to read Steven's second book even though it's a bigger picture view than I'm at all close to. It was interesting to see some of the things that executives need to think about with making the whole concept work on an organizational level.

Supercrooks - The blurb on this graphic novel about how this was Ocean's Eleven meets the X-men was very accurate. Good story with a couple of fantastic twists.