Blast Off! - Lego Master Builder Academy Step One

I had been contemplating learning how to build my own Lego models when I first saw the Step 1 kit of the Lego Master Builders Academy series in the Lego store and decided to get it.

The kit contains pieces and instructions for the three ships in the little pictures.  The instructions, instead of being just the pictures of a typical Lego kit, include all sorts of notes about choices in building and ideas for adjusting things. 


So then I wanted to try something original.

The picture with the blond tennis player in it was my first attempt at building a 1-mini-figure spaceship. I was originally inspired by the stacked little blue circles and the glass windows - they made me think of a warp core and I built outwards from there.  

I'm proud of it, but I find it a bit too, well, flat. 

So I decided to try again.

I had a different idea in mind when I began the build, but am satisfied with how it turned out.  I like this one better, but it is also, perhaps, less original. 

The warp core is still there but it is tucked underneath the ship and this time I have the right mini-figure in place.  My daughter built the cargo in the back, with the blue pieces and little bits trapped in clear boxes. My favorite part was adding the little details.