Closed Down my Art Site

I deleted my art blog.

It was a painful decision, but I feel a bit lighter now.

It Was the Beginning

My art was the reason I started blogging in the first place. I had been sharing pieces on an online group and felt I was taking up too much space. I wanted to talk more. So I opened up a blogger account, then quickly moved to Squarespace. (At the time Wordpress was bewildering and didn't have an easy way to add a photo album.) The spiral of blogging, getting responses, visiting others' blogs, and all the other associated community activities drove me to create even more. 

But I basically stopped doing art, or even the embroidery that had led me into art, not long after my daughter was born. It wasn't just the baby. It was also changes in my career and goals. I would revive the art for a bit, then let it slip away. Repeatedly.

Having my art blog - and paying for it every month - began to feel like an expectation that I couldn't live up to, either in frequency or quality. But I enjoyed looking back at the archive and knew if I shut the blog down I would basically lose all that history since I couldn't really export it with all the embedded pictures. 

I have now reached a point where I'm okay with that. My art, the little I'm doing, feels more private. As much as my supplies call for me, I feel the need to develop more of a personal language and work through a sketchbook piece by piece.

It is Not the End

It's time to set aside a piece of the past.

I will always be grateful for the journey I took, even if I never do much more with art for the rest of my life. (Although I certainly hope to do so.)

I have called myself an artist and been proud and confidant in the title.

I developed my personal creativity and was able to translate my belief in the quality to my corporate career.

I learned my first online skills, which I built on over time and wove themselves into my business studies.

I made friends, both online and in person.

I will not forget. But I will not be tied to what I've done.

I will sketch and I will stitch, even if it is only a little bit.

And if I want to share I will do it here, on my personal blog, or at my Flickr account.