Books Read in April 2011

Treason's Shore by Sherwood Smith

Ah, but it was satisfying to finish this series. The characters just got deeper and the final clash of belief systems between Evred and Inda was deliciously painful. The final ship battle was in some ways anticlimatic, but in other ways perfectly fitting because it was set the stage for the more important scenes involving the main characters. The book wound down nicely. It was neat, though, as an extra, to read Sherwood's website only extra bits on what happened to her characters and their families as time continued on.

Tell to Win by Peter Guber

Extremely worthwhile. I actually bought it as a new hardcover and it lived up to my expectations. The book delves into the mindset you need to use stories to your advantage and a number of points worth considering. I'd read some complaints that he included too many storied, but, really, how else are you supposed to illustrate how stories work than to tell them? There are key take away points for each chapter in bullet points at the end to help keep things ordered. I'm sure there are other good books on the topic, but I appreciated this one and will keep and reread it.

Get Back in the Box by Douglas Rushkoff

The premise behind the book was good - that the best innovations come from companies that focus on core competencies and work in a collaborative, open environment. But I felt that everything you really needed to know was in the prologue. The rest of the book was entertaining. I enjoyed the stories, but it didn't really deepen my understanding of the premise. 

Dreadfully Every After by Steve Hockensmith

I was pleased by this sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It worked better than the prequel, had twists and turns and oddities of societal expectations.  I just enjoyed it.

It was a slim month for reading and I'm really not sure why. Nothing was thicker than usual and I felt like I was reading for the same amount of time as usual. I did spend some time with comics and old art magazines. Maybe it just added up.