My Favorite 5 Reminders to Help You Break Any Barrier

John, from Hilife2B, posted this great list of 70 Reminders to Help You Break Any Barrier as a guest post on Mike King's blog, Learn This. These are my 5 favorites.

#1 - Believe that even the smallest compliment can save someone's life.

This just resonates with me. It doesn't directly talk about barriers, but reminds me that one small thing, any small thing, may be worth doing. You can't let that drive you to distraction doing all the small things, of course, but if you can do one, that's good. And maybe you'll receive one too.

#12 - From the CEO of a major corporation to the lowly janitor who sweeps where his boss stands; they are all insecure.

Okay, this one isn't particularly hopeful, but it reminds me that the CEO got into the position of power and responsibility despite being insecure. Somehow he or she worked with it or past it and persevered.

#49 - People don't tell you to try new things because it sounds "adventurous". They say it because it actually works.

I believe in this one. Trying something new, especially something wonkily off-topic and in another area of your life, causes something different to work within you. And you never know when that something different will affect the problem you're attempting to solve.

#52 - When in doubt, just laugh. Find amusement in how absurd your situation is, then come out of the gate with full force.

I tend to be amused by little daily things. Although I don't always like things that are supposed to be funny, I can laugh at unplanned ridiculousness with surprising ease. And it really does give me a little rev, even when I'm not trying to do the full force bit. A warning, though, the people around you will not always appreciate it if you do actually laugh out loud.

#68 - The only thing you can change about people are your relationships with them.

Often when you face a barrier it has a person behind it. And this reminder is a good refinement of the basic concept that the only thing you can control is your response, a maxim I try to keep in mind. Your responses affect your relationship and could completely transform that other person (or so it seems) when what changed was you.