Books Read in December 2010

Creative Wildfire by L.K. Ludwig

Attractive introduction to art journaling. I enjoyed seeing the variations from different artists and it served as an inspiration for me to lay the foundation for my own. More in this blog post

Bounce by Matthew Syed

The writing was entertaining and the author has an unusual background. But the book itself was proof that you can just recombine things with a slightly different angle and publish it. This was kind of brain science for the sports-minded but not exactly.

Cold Calling Techniques by Stephan Schiffman

This book had some really practical ideas that I took notes on for implementing when I start my new job. The author/trainer explained the experiences behind his advice and that really helped me understand.

Art Making, Collections, & Obsessions by Lynne Perella

It was indulgently entertaining to look at these collections and read about the way they inspire the various artists.

Buy-In by John P. Kotter

These were great scripts and ideas for being respectful and non-defensive when promoting a good idea among a group of people. I read the library copy then bought the Kindle version so that I could have the information with me easily.

Mr. Darcy's Obsession by Abigail Reynolds

A playful "what if" version of Austen's Pride and Prejudice in which Mr. Bennet dies and the family's situation changes accordingly - but Darcy still can't forget Elizabeth.

Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin

A wonderful book for one of my favorite parts of being an artist - trading ATCs. Great art to look at and techniques that work well in a small size, including a few that I haven't tried and would like to.

Stitch Alchemy by Kelli Perkins

This really wasn't what I was expecting. Okay, learning to make paper cloth can be useful as a material. But the rest of it was more an overview mixed-media possibilities and didn't involve much stitch. It's going back to the used book store I got it from.

Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky

I loved the concept - that with the connectivity and the "free" time we are moving towards collective interactivity and away from separation and consumption. He shared some good stories of history, transformation, and possibility.