A Few Hints from Halloween

My almost three year old daughter had just as much gleeful fun giving out candy as she did asking for it last night. She insisted on getting up for each caller and putting candy in their bags. Even for the couple of callers we got after she had her pajamas on.

I may not be able to capture her sheer delight at life, but I can remember that as something beyond the cute.

And boy was she cute. She was a ladybug for Halloween. It was popular (there were others in the neighborhood) but she chose it on her own. It was also a complete surprise to us since she'd spent the previous three weeks talking about Snow White costumes.

So she had a red tutu on a black leotard, wings, antenna on a headband and a wand which she waved wildly. While bouncing. 

She got lots of "She's so adorable" comments as she marched up to the doors and they didn't phase her one bit, even though I thanked whoever was making them. But one lady knelt down to her level and spoke directly to her and told her she looked beautiful in that costume.

She walked away with a big grin and came up to me at the end of the path to tell me that "she said I was bootiful!"

Yep, it was a highlight of the night.

When I'm thinking like a business I want other people to comment about me to each other and provide social proof and potential referrals. But when I'm thinking as an individual, which is most of the time, I want someone to tell me directly that I did well. It touches my heart on a different level.

So it's something that I need to remember when interacting with other individuals and companies - both talking about and talking to are important.

This month I want to practice turning stories into something that has more of a point. It feels awkward. Especially since I don't have a goal or theme at this particular blog. But it feels even more awkward to fumble along where I imagine it matters more.