Books Read in October 2010

Leadership and the New Science by Margaret Wheatley

I enjoyed this philosophical journey. I was familiar with chaos science and quantum mechanics and so forth already, of course, and I'd already related a few ideas to larger ways of thinking on my own. That made it even more interesting to read someone's fully developed thoughts on the connections. Oddly, I don't necessarily recommend it as a business book. It's more of a musing sort of thing.

Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey

I don't think I'll ever get tired of Valdemar, but I winced a little when I saw the author repeating certain story elements even though she varied them. The main character is still distinct in his personality and I enjoyed following him through his confusion and trials. 

That's it.

Yep, I only read two books this month, although I have a few in progress. I was spending my time reading comic books. I'm trying to catch up.

Let me back up a bit.

I discovered comics through watching the X-men cartoon in late high school. I began buying a few titles in college. My husband, who I married right after college, had been buying many more titles for many more years. I used to keep up with reading his purchases, but then got behind. 

So I'd sort the ones he'd read but I hadn't and then would read a few months of one title at a time. But then I stopped. And now there's LOTS. And I want to catch up because they're good and I enjoy talking about them with him and sharing our impressions and opinions.

I should have taken some notes and shared some thoughts with you. I know I touched on some Uncanny X-men, Wolverine Origins, and Justice League, among others. But after I read them they blend into my understanding of that comic universe, so I have no details right now.  Maybe next month. 

Thinking that I was going to catch up in one month was ridiculous. I'll be at this in November for certain and potentially December as well.