Baby Bits - Eighteen Months

We took my daughter to the beach for the first time this weekend. She stared and stared, then started walking around and wanting to brush the sand off her feet and hands. After a little time, though, she got into the spirit of it and played with the shovel and bucket.

We walked out into the water and when the waves would recede and the sand start to pull away she was disturbed that her feet started to sink. However, she fixed this problem by manuevering around until she was standing happily on Daddy's feet while feeling the waves come in.

She loved the pool to the point we couldn't say the word without her bringing a swimmie diaper in to us so we could change her into it. It wasn't our first time swimming this season, of course, but it was the first time the diapers were within her reach.

She sounds like she's talking in complete sentences sometimes but they're nearly incomprehensible due to her lack of pronunciation. Ending consonants don't happen often and a lot of the rest ends up blurred together. But she keeps getting better. It's so exciting when she shows comprehension of something we're saying by her next words or actions - like getting my brush from the bedroom for me.

We bought baby cheeses at the grocery store - small circles of cheese encased in wax, wrapped in plastic, in a plastic mesh bag. She grabbed them from the back and was playing with them and we thought nothing of it until my husband looked down and saw cheese peeking through! She's chewed through the layers to get to the cheese. I guess it's time we stop giving her pieces of ours and start giving her her very own little cheese for a snack.

My mother was flabbergasted when I gave her a piece of corn on the cob and she started happily gnawing away. I told Mom that I hadn't done it on purpose the first time. She'd stolen one I was almost done with off of my plate and wouldn't give it up until every kernel was demolished. It also amazes my Mom that the child munches on broccoli of her own free will.

Last night she was sitting in my lap and leaned against me for a moment. So I hugged her tight, put a kiss on the top of her head and told her "I love you." She looked up, grinned at me, then sat back up and leaned against me again. So I repeated it. Apparently this was a fabulous game because she then repeated the process a good dozen times before getting down and going to see what Daddy was doing.

It's so unbelievably amazing watching her grow and seeing her smiles and having fun with her. The fussy times and the yowling are frustrating, of course, but the good times just blow me away.

I just felt that it was time to indulge in some sappy-Mommy-ness in my writing. Mostly I just pass on stories to my parents and the secretary at the office who really enjoys them.